Woman cheating on their men are the talk of every relationship and marriage but no one care to ask why,  what pushed them to do so. 

1. Adventure 
Some woman cheat for adventure, they want to know or feel if any other man will satisfy their sexual fantasies. 

2. Lust
Women too desires wildly, they want to behave like their male counterparts,they want to hit and run.  They want to have the fun and never see you again,  one night stand. 

3. Indecision 
They love him, they love you,  they obviously love all the guys they have slept with but they don't know which one to choose and they don't want to let to. It feels good to have two people making you happy but to leave them is the issue. 

4. Boredom 
Most ladies are always bored and fee guys actually take notice of this.  If a lady is bored,  she might be tempted to call that guy who had been disturbing her to give him a trial.  That's how it started. 

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