Have you ever asked yourself why do Nigerian lady cheats,  why do ladies cheat,  does it mean it's in their blood to cheat? I remember back then in school days,  I have no relationship or should I say stable relationship and it's not my fault at all. 

After thorough research and investigation, below are some basic reasons why ladies cheat.

Ladies gets into emotion when a stranger compliment their dress (their weave,  shoe,  ) ." Saying something like,  you look beautiful today than ever" .
Such sweet words are the reason some ladies cheat,  some ladies love compliment as if it's food.  Many guys are lazy at doing this and you know what,  ladies always fall for what they hear. 

LADIES are lovers of lofty places,  they love comfort,  they love them to be seen in big rides and cars. 
They are swift of their feet by boys riding big cars .
The car is also good for quickie especially at night,  in the back sit. 
A doggy style is most welcome.

3. BAD S.E.X
It's in ladies dream to have and enjoy sex as much as possible but to be truthful most men are lazy at their job,  you Can't last for 5 minutes on bed with a lady and you are complaining that she cheats on you.  Well,  ladies love bad sxx. They want to be rough rides, they want to cry and scream during xxx.
So ask yourself,  am I up to task? 

4 Money
When we talk about reasons ladies cheat,  we can't overlook at the money factor. 
Many ladies can't date a broke guy,  they don't want to be poor like their parents or they want to be seen a bigger girl than their parents in their youth. 
Have you heard the slogan,  no money - no pussy.
In this generation, no money no love. 

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