I know many of you might find this somehow,  but it is true.  For a happy marriage,  the husband  and must be able to understand the wife and vise versa. 

Well,  here are some types of wives that you may learn from. 

1.  The Gossiping wive: Some lady the moment they got married, they begin to show you their true color.  They would leave their house and go as far to the next street to gossips.  They are good at this. 

2. Passive in Bed : These types of wife lay in bed as if they don't have any strength to do anything while they wait for their husband to do all the romance,  they just stay in bed like a log of wood.  And the husband will be bored when making love

3. The complaint one: These type of wive don't see anything good in their husband,  they are happy making him sad,  they always look for his fault and every day is a new chapter of complaints. 

4. The Independent woman : These woman are used to making their own money,  they don't wait for their husband before they buy anything.  They don't want to be a full house wife simply because they want their independence, they want to buy what they want when they want it. 

5.Lazy wife: These types of woman loved to be full house wife so then can give their laziness an excuse.  They want their husband to do everything for them. And some will say,  it's his duty .

6.The flirtatious One: They are married woman that love the company of other men,  you will see them giving different excuses like;  he is my office mate,  he is just a friend,  nothing serious between us.  

7. The hot tempered one: These type of wife get angry at everything,  we can't really say what is the main reason for their anger,  they ate harsh at their children and husband,  and they love to raise their voices a lot over little conversation. 

We couldn't bring all the types of wives men are facing at the moment as we are still gathering more information.. 

But if you have an helpful article,  please send it via our mail. 

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