Story of a begger who build 10 houses from begging

OMG where do you want me to start from here,  is it how much he made from begging or the business he started with the money he earn from begging or the houses he build from the money he earn begging. 

Am short of words as these Berger's now see begging as a lucrative business while you keep on giving them. 

The funny thing is that they never stop begging and you continue to give them. 

 Full excerpt is below

I became crippled when I was three-years-old due to polio. My father had other children and did not care that much for me,” he began.

“The burden of taking care of me fell on my mother who had seven other children to take care of. By the time I was six, it was apparent that I had to look for a means to take care of myself as my parents practically abandoned me.

One of my elder brothers would take me to the markets to beg for alms and we would give the proceeds to our mother to buy what we needed to eat.

When I was 15-years-old, I decided to come to Lagos to fend for myself. When I arrived Lagos, I linked up with some Hausa beggars who lived in Agege and we would go out in the morning to beg for alms from Nigerians.

But one thing I noticed was that the man who accommodated us would always collect whatever money we made in the day and only gave us stipends to feed with.

After spending three years with the man, I moved to Ajegunle where I met one of my town’s man and he became my guide.

He would push me around the area and at the end of the day, I would give him some percentage of the money we made.

I began to save my money and after two years, I was able to buy a second hand bus which I gave to someone to use for commercial purposes.

From the proceeds, I was able to buy another bus and that was how my transportation business started. Today, I have a thriving transportation business with over 20 buses plying Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Kaduna, Jos and other some other norther..

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