7 Character Church girls exhibit when they visit a brother or boyfriend 

Church girl can be really hard to date especially when it come to love. You dare not touch them or play with them and at the end of it all, the relationship is somewhat boring.  

Brother can't touch sister and the same way sister can't touch brother. The game of pretence continue like that for a century until someone who is brave like a lion make the move, until they meet that someone that will put aside the rules. Till then will they be happy. 

Their characters are below and not limited to only these alone. 

They don't wear seductive clothes, as a matter of fact some of them will wear pants followed by small trousers along with their very long ground touchy skirt. 

They don't hug even if it's just a side hug, MBA they will totally refused as it your peanut will automatically enter their beans. They don't shake hands too

The preach to you to whine away the precious time instead of you both to be thinking evil, the seized the moment and preach, win soul as they called it so you won't have evil thoughts 

They refused to eat or drink when they visit, simply because they don't trust themselves talk less of trusting you. 

They always keep something in between them and their lover or boyfriend, you know what I mean. Simply no touching. 

They avoid make up, because they know you will want to say something like ""you are sexy:::"" and they don't want that. 

Well, that's all for now.  Your views are important to me by dropping your comments and reactions

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