7 myth about cat which are not true

In some tribe in Nigeria,  many myth and superstitions were known by people especially that we see different things on the internet lately this days that speaks and talk about bad things,  many people still don't want to keep a cat or pet. 

Well ITALK NIGERIA would be clarifying some of those myth below. 

Cat are evil spirit: Because of the bad influence of some Nigerian movie industry,  many people have this believed that cats are evil creatures,  they are messengers of the devil but I must say that it's not true.  Cats are just another animal that has no evil power whatsoever.

Cats have seven lives: Have heard folks says this a million times that a can't can't be easily killed,  that I has 9 lives.  It's not true,  cats have just one life as any other animals. 

Cats back don't touch the ground: Many said you can't put a cats back on the ground,  it won't allow you to but I must tell you that it's a lie,  cats that loved it's owner can even put it's back on the floor while it plays. 

Cats and dog are enemies: Cats and dogs are not enemies,  they can have a good friendship than you can ever imagined. 

Cats will suck the life out of a baby: Many people says that if you have a baby don't let a cat near the baby or else it will suck the life out of the baby. Come on,  in this century,  you are part of those people that think like that?  Cants don't do that. 

Cat with black color are bad luck:  cats are not bad luck to its owner whether blue or black or any other color 

Cat love to drink milk: Milk is not good for cats,  may be you saw that cat in Tom and Jerry always drinking milk,  so you assume that cats love milk but I must tell you that milk is not good for your cats. 

What's your comments, please drop them. 

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