The story started when the government release a press release that they have giving Nigerians relief funds and the National Assembly are asking for details about the missing money disbursed to Nigerians.

For more explanation read the simple illustrations below.

Federal Government: We have disbursed N20k relief funds to Nigeria households.

National Assembly: Okay, but we need to know how you did it. We need records.

Federal Government: Ah, there’s no problem. The records are with the accountant general.

(A few hours later)

Office of the Accountant General: FIRE!

Could it be that the office of the accountant general is trying to do some fraud? They don't want to get caught and they have to clean their mess?

Who will asked for record when fire gutted the whole section?

If they were eventually asked, the right answer would be that it was destroyed in the fire.

Just of recent, PDP their rival party called for an audit into the subsidy regime and how over two trillion was spent.

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Agba said, “We have gone round the rooms and offices where the fire affected, and I am glad to report that our data centre where all our records are kept are fully intact.

Can the office of the accountant general allow for an audit?

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