ATM that dispense rice used in Vietnam to provide food for people
We have heard about ATM before but when we heard about ATM most times,  what always come to our mind is money. 

For most of us ATM are used to dispense money but in Vietnam,  ATM are used to dispense food for people who are affected by coronavirus. 

Across the city of Vietnam ATM has been constructed to provide food for the people since they can't go out to buy food or go about their daily lives. 

Although the city only has about 253 reported cases of Coronavirus but it has affected majority of the people. 

To reduce poverty ATM are been used to give people food,  and the city people are seen every day on queue to collect a pound of rice. 

The ATMs run on donations, and over 30 people donated on the first day. The dispenser has 10 tons of the staple food.

I think our government should do this to this country too or what do you have in mind??

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