Bug and Error in Opera news hub 

Many aspiring blogger and writers all over the world as tried to earn a living while writing news and article for opera news but to be straight forward there are some loops in their system, bug and error which needed to be addressed by them. 

Bug and ERROR 
If you published a news story that is not yet a trend in Nigeria,  it would be tag fake news simply because their top authors and signed writers haven't write about it.  We all remember a trending news on opera news about Funke Akindele doing community service which was a picture from two years old story.  If it were to be any author that posted this story on opera news, there account would be ban or suspended yet their top author was the one that posted it. 

I think opera news need to verify all news from both signed and unsigned authors. 

If you follow the trend and post your story, it would be tag "out of date news". Tell me what do they want writers to do?  

A new category should be created tag opinion and The  where articles relating to users opinion and review about any trending topics no matter how controversial it is.  They would be put in that category. 

Error and bug
Many signed authors write many click bait articles and they don't seem to be banned or warned for writing a click bait

ALL authors should be checked for click bait before approval. 

partial impression if you write good articles,  some times if you write good article they don't get people to read them on opera news 

Good article should have good reached and performed better. 

The only people enjoying Opera news are signed author, most articles i come about violet virtually most of their publishing rules and yet they are not banned or cautions. 
If opera news are satisfied with their authors why did they ask for more authors? 

It's a good platform I must say and a good way to earn too. 

But if those above are not looked into,  opera news may loose many authors.

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