Coronavirus has turn me to vigilante. 


I barely sleep again,  taking watch in from of my house with a whistle and cutlass,  well am not alone.  We are more than 100 in numbers,  talking about the matured men and young landlords in our community.

Since the onset of Coronavirus lock down,  there has been a drastic increase in the number of thieves in the country,  many ask where do the thieves come from? 
They came from those prisoners who are set free because of Coronavirus,  along with them are those boys who are used to living large but couldn't afford the luxury life style since the lock down. 

We have heard news and stories of how they rob communities in IFO,  Sango and other part of Ogun state and Lagos.  Abeokuta in particular, the increase in thieves is alarming. 

The community took an emergency meeting and the reason for the meeting is how to be more vigilant,  at the end of the meeting it was resolved that all men in the community should come outside at exactly 11pm every night and we would be stationed at a particular places within the community to guide and monitor.  We would be patrolling the community till its is 4am everyday. 

We are our own government,  we have to keep our children's and wives safe away from harm. 

We burn tires and blow whistle on patrol, everyone with his security torches. 
How long are we going to keep on doing this? 

The 14days total lock down will be brutal

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