Gallery of Nose masks 

Before now the world depend solely on other countries for their nose mask,  the price of nose mask is not that high and it's very affordable to a child to buy talk less of Adult. 

And there came coronavirus,  there is a surge for nose mask,  every one wants to be cautious about it,  nobody is prepared to die for now and the price for nose mask is on the hike. 

The hike in prices of nose mask around the world give room for more creativity among people,  and we have different versions of nose mask with different designed from different people. 

Nose mask has made some people wealthy over night because of the high depend of nose masks around the globe. 

Since people can not afford imported or foreign nose mask,  they have to go to indigenous product,  indigenous nose mask made by their own people. 

ITALK NIGERIA have tried to search all through Google Images and facebook images and we have been able to gather some pictures of different nose mask and we called them gallery of nose masks. 

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