Ghanaian lady barb hair for her husband

This is an outstanding thing, creative way. All thanks to Coronavirus, men are now humble to allow their wife to touch their head.

Some men can't allow their wives to touch their head, I don't know why but may be it's cos they don't trust their wife.

Not in the case of these two couple who has gone viral after sharing a video of his wife bathing his hair.

The Ghanaian couple whose names are Foster Nanewortor and Cherry Nanewortor are now the latest talk of town since they uploaded the trending loving pictures and video.

Since there is lock down and the man need to look fresh and handsome in the eyes of his beautiful wife, she dropped in to help him out, how many wife can do this to their husband?

Lo and behold, the even did wonderfully well than some barbers around that will swallow your money without giving you a good look.

This are good wife's, coronavirus lock down is bringing out the good in our wives, what do you think???? 

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