Ghost used to enforce lock down in Indonesia 

Well,  well,  well,  this is far more creative than beating civilians on the street and arresting citizens of a country. 
Indonesia has looked for volunteers who will be dressed as ghost to scare people off so that they can stay indoor and to curb the spread of Coronavirus. 

Kepuh village, on Java Island in Indonesia  are the one who started deploying the ghost at night last month.

The number of recorded cases in Indonesia so far is 4500 and the reported death cases was 400 according to Hopkins University. 

This initiative was created by the head of the youth in the village Anjar Pancaningtyas with the help of the police. 

ITALK NIGERIA fully support this idea and we hope to see more of this,  more of creativity,  more of how different countries and people uses different means to let their people stay indoor. 

The twitter link of the video :

If I were to ask you,  if this method is adopted in Nigeria would you stay at home? 

Let's say you just wake up in the middle of the night and saw something like a ghost,  what would be your next action

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