How to cook soup with N200 naira

Well,  this lock down is making a lot of people cut their expenses especially wives with many children. 

Many men believe if your wife can't cook soup with a little money as low as N200 she is not a good wife because many believe she would squander your money and might not be a well manager of resources. 

There are many soup you can cook with N200 Naira but for easy explanation and practice purpose,  we would be talking about okro soup. 

To cook okro soup with N200 Naira,  let's assume you have some things at home like palm oil. 

You go to the market to buy this things 
OKro = N50
Salt =N10
Dry pepper = N20
Fish = N100 
Maggi = N10

With the calculations above,  you haven't finished spending N200 because you still have N10 left with you. 

I know you will ask about kerosene,  why would you bother about buying that when you can cut trees and use that as fire. 

This okro soup can last you for three good days and save you a lot of unnecessary spending during this lock down. 

What do you think? 

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