How to get the perfect soul mate after searching for millions of years

To get who to spend your life time with can be a load of work, even more difficult if you are a single mother or single father, a divorcee or a widow. 

This post is intended for people who are looking for a perfect soul mate, someone you can beat your chest at that he/she truly love you, ITALK Nigeria is not under the pretest of any religious dogma, so am not here to tell you what is in your holy book about what's good and bad. This is an advance class and am sure you are ready to learn what you have never learnt before. 

Whether you agree or not, we have lived a million years before now, and the quest for love is the multiple reasons for coming back after death. 

Wait, before you close this page let me ask you if you can explain why some children are born with the memory of what they don't know before?  

Let's not divert our attention from what we are here to learn, the truth is that the perfect soul mate is one person. There can never be a subtitled for that one single person though there are others who may want to posses the qualities of your soul mate but they are not. 

When looking for soul mate, the first rule is that there is no law under the universe that says your soul mate must come from a particular religion, region or country. This is where most people do mistakes because they want their soul mate to be exactly the way they are, they expect soul mate to be from their religion.

What would it benefits you if you marry from the same church? The church grows bigger, more offering, and your children can say in the future that our parents are foundational members. Is that all? 

Religion is the first barrier to finding the perfect soul mate, until you look beyond the view of religion, you might not find that perfect soul mate. 

Second reason why you are yet to get a perfect soul mate is because you set the rules, the characteristics, the qualities of the person you want and by so doing you are limiting yourself to a variety of options and plenty opportunity of meeting the perfect soul mate. 

The rule of the universe is that "there is no law and there is law" it's like two side of a coin, the balance must be attained in everything. 

A lady that so much like tall guys but at the end, only short guys are her proposals. She would continue searching till she is old enough that she doesn't have any more choice that to settle down with any proposal from anyone. The same goes with men. 

The perfect soul mate is not always perfect in nature simply because we are at different levels of spiritual unfoldment, spiritual growth. You might not be going to church or mosque that much but yet your spirit is very strong compare to those that sleep in churches and mosque, this is possible because in one life time or the other we practice one religion and so must have help us grow spiritually. 

The perfect soul mate might not be a prayer warrior, He might not be a prophet, or a strong Muslim, he might be a traditional worshiper yet he is the perfect soul mate. 

Why must he be an herbalist, that's what he chooses to be because each one of us choose the life we want before being born. 

What will a perfect soul mate do for you? 

When you finally found the perfect soul mate, you feel some kind of sparkling peace, small light of happiness, some sort of relieve within, you don't know what you see in him/her .

The perfect soul mate is a mature one,  am careful of what to say because I don't want you as a reader who is having some emotional effects for one guy or girl thinks he/she is a perfect soul mate .

Have tried as much as possible not to talk about emotional characteristics because it's an enemy and will blind you from seeing the truth. 

I want to talk more and say a lot but I need your comments on this. 

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