How to survive hard times during this lock down

Since the coronavirus lock down, to eat has been very difficult for some people, in fact some have resulted in self assassination of themselves and children because of hunger. 

Do not worry as this article would guide you on how to survive hard times of this Coronavirus and live a simple happy life. 

Am not here to talk about online scheme to make money, am here to talk about the real thing. 

To survive this hard time, there are some things to do, you need to change your life style. If you are a big spender reduce it, if you are the type that spend money buying what you need and you don't need, you need to stop the habit and save the little you have so you won't beg. 

Don't withdraw money from the bank, this can be really hard for some people, only withdraw money to buy food stuffs and small medications like malaria drug etc. Keep the rest in the bank who knows how long this lock down will take, even if it's over are you starting over again? 

Start P. O .S business : since the lock down, many Nigerians are buying withdrawing money and not saving, some people are in a place that is far from the bank, some are scarred of going to the bank because of queue or stress or fear of the virus itself.

P. O. S is not expensive as it may look, some companies sell mini portable P. O. S for as low as 16k and you have started biz. 

Start petty trade: : if you are into food stuff, you could make some change with this since many would not be able to go out any time the government allowed people to go out. It would allow you to have small change with you. 

Change your eating style

If you are the type that love to eat with 100 meats on top of your food, you need to stop. If you are the type that eat I big bowl of rice, you need to stop. 

Change your eating habits before it send you to somewhere else.  

Changing your eating habits can save you a lot of money, if possible have a food time table and don't just eat anything anyhow. 

I believe you have read and have one or two things to say, it's welcome. 

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