Isreal discovered Coronavirus Cure and it's 100% working

Isreal discovered Coronavirus Cure and it's 100% working

This is a breaking news,  a happy one,  soon our misery would be put to end,  soon this lock down will end,  soon this break through will reach each end of the world and the pandemic disease called Coronavirus will be gone for good and never to be remembered ever again. 

CompanyPluristem Therapeutics Inc.a company based in Israel has discovered the treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

CompanyPluristem Therapeutics Inc has been treating people with Coronavirus with Placenta Cell Therapy products and it's 100% working because it has 100% survival rate. 

Six critically infected people with Coronavirus has been treated with Placenta cell therapy and they survived. 

Isreal now boost of having the cure of Coronavirus, not only because all the patent have survived 100% but because four of them showed an improvement in respiratory parameters and three other men are about weaning off from respirators. 

I think this is a big leap to health industry and I would appreciate all effort, I wish that Nigerian Government will pump money into health sector in this country so that many scientist will have more budget at hand to work with. 


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