Lady paid N1.2M to become a real life Mermaid

Lady paid N1.2M to become a real life Mermaid 
Corrine Hinton spent $3,000 to achieve her dream of becoming a mermaid.

She said;

 ‘I met Ariel when I was younger and that just sparked everything for me. ‘As soon as we met and I saw her in real life I knew what I wanted to do.

‘It felt like I was meeting a celebrity and from then on I wanted to be just like that person. ‘To date I’ve spent about $3,000 on costumes. My most expensive tail cost $1,000 on its own.

I suppose it is a double life that I lead and I am proud of it.

‘There’s a place called Dutch Springs nearby where lots of us meet up to swim, take photos and live for a while as a mermaid.’

‘I just love the mystery of mermaids. Are you a fish or are you a person? ‘I like feeling mysterious and got obsessed very quickly.

‘I started taking it much more seriously when I was 18 and I bought a silicone tail that cost $800. ‘I also started making my own tops because it breaks the bank a little to keep paying for tails all the time
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