The onset of Coronavirus have affected our economy such that we can't feed ourselves again, we can't go out and hustle like we used to do as a bonfire Nigerian, we can't trade or sell, we are told to stay in door, avoid social gathering like churches and mosque, limit going out. Our fate is now resting on the shoulder of our government and politicians to do the needful for all Nigerians.

Many people are told to stay indoor especially people from stare like Ogun state, Lagos State, Oyo state and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) , while other state too are also incorcating the indoor practice in their state too as well.

Well, the Minister of information in person of Lai Mohammed said Billions of Naira has been disburse into various Nigerian account in which 99% of Nigerians are yet to get their share of the national Cake so to say, we all knew that when it comes to money many people will not be a benefactor of the opportunity, the same thing goes for anything organized by Nigerian government simply because everything will be done politically. If you are not a member of a party I doubt if any thing would ever reach your side.

That aside, the stimulus food are not being distributed and ITALK Nigeria observed some differences between the package distributed between this two great state with massive population.

Ibadan stimulus package is very well package and well attractive compare to that of Lagos State.



Many Lagosian said that they only receive 3 loaf of bread, 3 cup of beans and rice.

Nigerian which way are we going?

How can a family of 3 survive 14days quarantine period with 3 loaf of bread and 3 cups of beans with rice?

It should b noted that many Nigerians don't have account especially market traders, road side hawkers etc.

Which way NIGERIA???


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