Pics of how far a sneeze can can spread Coronavirus 
We have heard about how Coronavirus can spread through cough and sneeze,  a picture from a slow motioned clips shows how far coronavirus can go,  how it can be spread by sneezing. 
Many people still think Coronavirus is a myth or lie,  we have been sensitise by WHO. 

The slow motion clip shows just how far a sneeze can carry the virus, and it's an unbelievable 26 feet away.

Scientists in America filmed a healthy person sneezing, then slowed it down from 0.25 seconds to about 20 seconds.

As you can see - the viral droplets that are released from our body in coughs and sneezes are able to travel in the warm, moist atmosphere they thrive in at an incredible speed of up to 100 feet per second.

In the third clip in the video, you can also see the sneeze from further away, with droplets travelling 23 to 26 feet (7 to 8 metres).

This means the infectious droplets can reach much further than the two metres the government has advised in physical distancing measures.

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