Ronaldinho gain freedom from Paraguay prison at a bail of N576M

Ronaldinho who was in Paraguay prison for some time now with his brother as been bailed and finally gain freedom. 

Do not forget that the football legend was in prison with his brother at the border of Paraguay some months ago when he used fake passport to enter the country. 

He was bail at a huge price of N576M, though he was out of prison but would also be placed on monitoring and house arrest. 

Life in prison. 
While he was in prison he was treated like a God by other prison inmates who are all his fans who admire his playing skills of football. 

He celebrated his 40th birthday in prison where other prison inmates give him gifts and showed him love. 

He participated in prison football league and score some wonderful goals,  he won pig and other items which he and other inmates used for barbecue. 

He is truly a legend. 

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