This picture has sparked a lot of controversies from South African government and they have issues a bounty on the identity of the two unidentified officers in the picture drinking beer while the whole country is on lock down.

More recently South African Breweries (SAB) trucks were busted transporting beer during the lockdown. The worth of the confiscated beer is estimated to be R13 million.

In the footage which is currently making rounds on social media, the two officers are captured holding bottles of beer whilst standing next to crates of booze in a nondescript room. The exact circumstances are yet to be established and police have since launched an investigation to identify the officers.

On Thursday, the police released a statement condemning the behaviour. They have vowed to act ‘in the strongest terms’ and threatened internal disciplinary procedures against the boozing bobbies.

What do you think should be done to this officers?

I would really love to hear your voice on this.

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