Single mom stop from killing self over inability to Feed during Coronavirus lock down 

What is the world turning into?  Some things are happening and it's beyond explanations.
A woman in Nigeria is seen trying to kill her self because she can't feed her self nor her baby since the onset of Coronavirus lock down. 

The incident happened yesterday in Lagos and the woman in question was rescued by her neighbors. 

According to the woman whose identity is yet unknown,  she can bearly eat or feed her families since the lock down. 

This might sound somehow but what do we expect of her during this hard time?  People are not even willing to help,  the little people have is what they are managing with. 

But taken the life of owns life is a total offence,  do we blame the woman or the government that lock down the country? 

A week as been added to the on going 14 days of quarantine of some state like Lagos,  Ogun,  and Abuja. We don't know if the government had anything or provision for it's people as its been reported in some other part of the country that there is increase in thieves and arm robbers. 

The government should come to Our rescue. 

ITALK NIGERIA  video of the incident 

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