Ugandan president sent lawyer to prison for begging food in an open letter.

This is strong,  I bet this in Nigeria,  many people would be in jailed especially bloggers and those who went to social media to say one or two things about our beloved president. 

A man named Brian Bakampa on Sunday April 5 wrote a simple letter to their president in Ugandan,  and the letter has gone viral than expected. 

In the simple letter,  the man claimed that he need some funds to buy Gas , stove,  and to reload his food stuff since his food stuff will finished in two .

He begged the Ugandan president for help and also wish that he could join the president  so he could live fine. 

After a day,  he announced on facebook that he has eaten the last morsel of food in his house and since he have not heard from the president,  he would go in person to seek for his help. 

Like a man on mission,  he get dressed and set for the president's house but on getting there he was not allowed to  because of his bizzaire reason to see the president.

He was in the president's house from afternoon till night and at night He spend .

The following day he was there till evening when the the presidential Police guard came to him an advice him to come to police station since he was out there for two days,  he agreed and when he reached the police station, he was charged for disturbing the public and was imprisoned. 

He was there for some days before he was let out,  he said he would have preferred prison but the food is not regular. 


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