Woman paid N108,000 debt with Intercourse  for 3 days

A Zimbabwean woman who is owing someone a sum of 108,000 has paid the the person she was owing using her body,  by having sex with the debtor for 3 days. 

The woman whose name was Thelma Ndlovu from Richmond suburb in Bulawayo, kindly offered sex to Menzi Masuku for three consecutive days.

The woman who think it would all end after she exchange debt for sex was always disturbed and harrassed by this man because he was not satisfied.

The woman who exchange debt for sex later went to court to file a report against Menzi  for always disturbing her and threatening her so as to get Justice. 

The man who was the owner of the money defend himself in court saying that the woman borrowed his bag for an event and she lost the bag. 

The man also claimed that he never use any vulgar language on her neither does he insult her.  He said he was never in a relationship with the woman. 

The court dismissed her applications because she was trying to evade her debts. 

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