3 Brothers hoping to turn into Spider Man after Black Widow Spider Sting Them Hospitalised

Believing that a spider bite would turn them into Spider-Man, three young Bolivian brothers allowed a venomous black widow spider to sting them, resulting in them being hospitalised

As per reports, the siblings aged 12, 10 and 8 found the spider while herding goats in the town of Chayanta, Bolivia. When they saw the spider, they came up with the idea that spider bite would give them superpowers, just like Peter Parker.
They approached the spider and poked it with a stick, provoking it to sting them.

Soon after the venomous spider bit them, they began suffering from severe muscle pain, abdominal cramps, increased heart rate, and muscle spasms. Hearing their cries, their mother took them to the Chayanta health centre where they were given medicine.
When their condition didn’t improve, they were taken to the Children’s Hospital in La Paz the next day with fevers, tremors and muscle pains.
At the hospital, the brothers were given a serum for their bites and their condition finally improved. They were discharged from the hospital after five days.

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