5 Things Christianity has taught us About Marriage which are False

Yes I have come again with a controversial post and topic which will left many wonders and ask questions, few will drop their comments while others will read and let it go. 

The truth is we have been blinded by religion and we forgot what's right and wrong again because of religion. 

Let's put the argument aside and let's discus it in details. 

Marriage is for better for worse: 

Number one mistake by Christians especially pastors is that they tell their members that marriage is for better for worse, why? I know they are trying to preach perseverance but what if your husband wants to kill you? If he doesn't respect you a bit, he drag his trouser, tear your skirt and insert his manhood anyhow into you... Maltreatement of any sort, would you die there? No. 

Marriage is till death do us part: God doesn't say in any bible that till death do you part, so where the hell does it come from?  

Divorce is not for a child of God: Whether you are tag the son of the devil doesn't matter as much as your happiness is involved. If you file a divorce, it's your opinion and you don't need anyone ones idea about it. 

Marriage is Made by God: The truth is Marriage is not compulsory, you can choose not to marry and God will not die because of your choice. 

If you Marry the wrong person you are going to hell: Another problem created by the Pastors, no wonder we have many widowers in the church .

It just that many people would fail to look beyond the glitters before jumping into marriage and after marriage they regrets and the church doesn't want to look irresponsible, they came up with rules and wedding counselling, I don't buy those shit

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Olu said…
Good one. Same with other orthodox religions

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