Amazon turned one of it’s building into a family homeless shelter.
For a few years now, amazon has announced it’s plans to turn one of it’s buildings into a homeless facility. Today, Jeff Bezos announced the dream come true on his Instagram page.

According to the CEO of amazon, the homeless facility is currently the largest
homeless family shelter in the whole of Washington state.

The building is housed in one of
Amazon’s building at their head quarters at Seattle.

The shelter spans eight floors — including a health clinic and critical tools to help families in need get back on their feet.

According to variety, the homeless facility also feature a kitchen which can be used by the residents and also a play ground that can be used by kids.

“This new shelter, opening when it did, has been our saving grace. It was our neighbors at Amazon who recognized what we needed before we ever realized it, and this space ensures we don’t have to return families to homelessness during this unprecedented and trying time.” Mary’s Place Executive Director Marty Hartman said.

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