Car driven by 14years old rolled on Highway Crash

Car driven by 14years old rolled on Highway Crash

Jeff Odera, who witnessed the incident along the highway in Eldoret, disclosed that he suspected that the minors had been enabled by their guardians.

He explained that in the first account, parents claimed that they had left the car at home for the children to wash when they got cheeky and decided to go for a spin.

He, however, suspected that the parents of the children had deliberately sent the children to a shop.

"I was at the scene of the accident. The boys, as claimed by parents, although that was not the real thing, they were instructed to have the car washed when they decided to take a drive and they suddenly lost control.
"They were driving towards town and they were three of them aged 14, 9 and 16 years. The driver suddenly lost control and landed in a ditch," stated Odera.
Luckily, the boys did not suffer any injuries as people responded swiftly to have them saved from the overturned car.
"The car isn't in the best of state. The group of people who happened to have gathered at the scene tried to have it pulled from the ditch because you know the repercussions that are associated with making kids drive.

"The rolled into the ditch and it turned upside down," he added.
He also noted that the car had been pulled from the ditch before police arrived at the scene.

"The car was removed from the ditch even before were alerted of the accident. The police had no idea what had transpired before the incident," he remarked.
The accident occurred at around 10:30 a.m.

Kenyans have always frowned upon adults who let minors under their care to take the wheel with the latest victim being Nominated MP David ole Sankok.

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