Fights break out on the streets of Malaga just 48 hours after lockdown lifted

Just after 48 hours that lockdown was relaxed in Malaga, Spain, fights started on the streets as bars reopened.

The violence happened outside the pubs and restaurants along the popular Paseo de Pedregalejo strip in the Costa del Sol resort.

In videos shared on social media, people can be seen throwing bins and chairs during fights, while others are pictured injured on the floor.

The disruption – which happened just 48 hours into phase one of Malaga’s coronavirus exit plan – saw more than a dozen drinkers involved in one scrap, which left a man ‘wounded’ on the ground, according to Sur.
Police were called to the area just after midnight to break up the fight which began after a row between two groups drinking outside a bar.
Local media reports that the victim decided against filing a complaint and did not require hospital treatment.

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