Home Care Worker Punches 75-year-old Male Patient During Lockdown

20-year-old man was seen in a viral video punching a 75-year-old elderly male patient at the Westwood Nursing Center in 16500 block of Schaefer in Detroit.

The video has drawn attention from many Americans and social media users since the video surfaced online.

According to the video, the young man who appeared to be a ‘Care Worker’ was seen on camera punching the elderly male patient lying on a bed in the nursing home.

Report gathered that the young man was heard telling the victim to get out of the bed as he punched him several times.

According to the Detroit police investigation, the nursing home was unaware of the assault on the elderly man until they came across the video.
The Detroit Police Chief, James Criag said they are still investigating the case as they have no suspect in their custody

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