Imam Burns His Own Daughter For Converting To Christianity (Photos)

Christian convertee was in discomfort at Mbale Regional Refferal Healthcare facility this month after her father that is also a Muslim leader burnt her for leaving Islam.

Rehema Kyomuhendo states she heard the scripture of redemption in March 2020, following her journey from Mbarara to Mbale District where she had accompanied her dad, Sheikh Hussein Byaruhanga Husain. Both stayed at her auntie’s home in Nawuyo town, Mbale Area.

At around 10 p.m on Might 4, Rehema had a prolonged discussion concerning the Christian belief with a coworker presented to her by her aunt.

“She discussed with me concerning Christ and also the way of salvation, and also I got convicted as well ans approved Jesus as my Lord and Hero, Kyomuhendo states.

“As she was sharing Christ with me, I was so overjoyed, and my daddy heard my happiness and also awakened, got up from his bed room furiously and began beating me up with blows, slaps and kicks,” she includes.

Sheikh Hussein Byaruhanga likewise challenged her sibling, telling her that his child had converted to Christianity and for that reason he was most likely to kill her.
Morning Star Newspaper (MSN), a worldwide not-for-profit group committed to covering worldwide issues of Christian matreatment, exposes in its report published Thursday that the Shiekh “quickly broke a jerrican, lit the items with it continuing to be gas and started melting Rehema.”

According to MSN, Kyomuhendo shouted for help, and her aunt rose and protected her from her dad.

“She brought her outside of the room together with a Christian next-door neighbor that arrived,” MSN reports. “The neighbor scheduled a taxi-van that took her to a medical hospital, and she got instant treatment.”
Kyomuhendo is expected to stay at Mbale Regional Refferal Hospital more than a month with serious burns on her leg, stomach, rib location, near her neck and on part of her back.
Kyomuhendo and the next-door neighbor have not reported the attack to authorities for fear that her daddy may try kill her, MSN records.

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