Lady Raped And Brutalized Inside RCCG In Edo State

22-year-old lady identified as Uwa Omozuwa was raped and brutalized in a Church by some unknown men in Benin, Edo State. .

The victim was said to have been attacked, raped and assaulted by some men inside one of Nigeria’s popular Church, “Redeem Christian Church Of God” (RCCG) in Edo State.

Report gathered that Omozuwa went into the church to read 3 days before she was attack and raped. A fire extinguisher was also said have been used as an assault object.

A twitter user Mr Mangus, @Omonzojie who shared the story on his twitter handle wrote;

End rape now!!!
Raped, brutalized, thought the church is safest place, but was raped right inside the church in extinguisher used as assault object on 22yrs old Uwa…Help get justice

Help #Uwa Omozuwa, 22yrs young lady raped and brutalized inside RCCG church in Benin, where she went to read 3days ago. pictures, scenes are graphic
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