Lady Who Attacked Pastor David Ibiyeomie Over His Comments On Covid-19 Get Death Threats From His Followers

lady who had the guts to challenge Pastor David Ibiyomie of Salvation Ministries, Portharcout over his comments on COVID-19 has been receiving curses and dead threats from Nigerian Christians, expeccially, members of salvation Ministries church.

Recall that a video which has gone viral on social media showed pastor David Ibiyomie asserting that coronavirus in Nigeria is a scam.

In the video, the pastor said that COVID-19 has become a money spinning business for Nigerian politicians. He alleged that those involved in fighting the coronavirus in Nigeria are using it to collect money from government and private institutions. He said he didn’t believe that the number of victims being released by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC is true. He revealed that most of the cases reported in Nigeria as COVID-19 are malaria cases.

After the video went viral, a London based Nigerian medical doctor who identified herself on Facebook as Idee Charles issued a counter video refuting the comments of the man of God. She said the pastor was wrong in saying that the coronavirus cases are exaggerated. 

She wondered why pastor Ibiyomie who studied microbiology at the universiry ought to know the enormorsity of his statement. She lambasted the pastor for making mockery of a virus which is killing thousands of people all over the world.

In reaction, Nigerian Christians, especially members of the pastor’s church have been attacking the lady with curses and death. Some even said that she would die by the end of May.

Why do Christians attack each other over issues they could settle amicably between each other?

Since coronavirus Landed in Nigeria on 27th of February, it has pitched pastors against pastors over their comments on the spread of the virus. While some like pastor Ibiyomie believes it doesn’t exist in Nigeria, others have been prophesying its demise.

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