NYPD SUVs Ram Into George Floyd Protesters and Fling Them in The Air
New York, May 31: Amid raging protests across the United States over the death of African-American man George Floyd in police custody, videos have emerged showing New York Police Department SUVs ramming down protesters and flinging them in the air. 

The disturbing incident allegedly took place at the intersection of Flatbush Ave. and St. Mark's St. just three blocks southeast of the Barclay's Center on Saturday.

The videos showed a group of protesters surrounding an NYPD cruiser and holding a barrier in front of it. They can be seen throwing what appeared to be water bottles and garbage at the vehicle. 

A second NYPD cruiser arrives. Suddenly, both cars begin slowly driving into the crowd. The first cruiser then suddenly rams down the barricade, flinging protesters in the air. Screams could be heard over the top of the police sirens.

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