Policeman Shoots The Ground After receiving 2 Hot Slaps In Delta State

There has been uncountable series of police brutality in the country, even to the extent of shooting an innocent civilian in the process.

These ‘happy trigger’ policemen has caused nothing more but damages resorting to the loss of civilians lives. Most Nigerians are now even scared to stand their ground once been harass by this police.

But like the saying goes, “Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house”, this is the cases of the video below.

A policeman who fired several shots on the ground after being given 2 hot slaps by a man (civilian) for hitting him is making round online.

According to report, the policeman as seen in the video slapped the civilian on white native dress for an unknown reason yet to be ascertained.

The fearless civilian in his defence, gave back the policeman 2 hot slaps in return of the slap he earlier gave him. The policeman immediately shot on the ground sporadically to scare him and his friends away.
But the man and his friends didn’t seem scared even after the policeman had shot on the ground.

This was said to have happened in Warri, Delta State.
Nigerians has reacted to the video as some said it was a risky move the civilian made toward the policeman, while others commended them.

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