See how people queue and almost kill themselves over free food in South Africa 

A viral video has surface online showing how people almost kill themselves over food in South Africa 

Posting on Twitter, Mutodi said:
Stampede for food. These families in Domboshava interrupted my sleep in the chilly Sunday morning as they jostled & shoved each other by the gate to the MP’s house, expecting anything they can take home to save starving children. Help someone during this lockdown. Donate food.
The little I got they took it all. I am appealing to well-wishers to help me feed these people. The COVID-19-induced lockdown in the country has worsened the preexisting socio-economic crisis that has manifested in food shortages and inflation.
Before the unfolding of the novel coronavirus, Zimbabwe was already receiving food aid from the World Food Programme and other well-wishers to head off starvation in the country.

The lockdown blocked sources of livelihood for many who were already living on hand to mouth.

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