Thugs Attacks Comedian’s Car For Criticising Buhari’s Government

Popular Nigerian Instagram Comedian, King James was attacked by some unknown men who destroyed his car, leaving it in a messy condition for criticising President Buhari’s Government.

The comedian who came out to meet his car’s windscreen destroy lamented over the attack on him for speaking his mind.

King James expressed his anger and lamented, asking why anyone would do something that cruel to him all because he spoke his mind about the bad governance and what Nigerian are facing in the country.

The comedian went on to ask what he has done to deserve what they did to him and that he is not a politician but just a comedian.

“I am just a comedian that is tired of the bad governance and the way things are going on”
“This is not Photoshop, this is real. what have i done, what have i done”, King James lamented.

“I have never occupied any active position as a politician, am just talking about the way things should be”

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