Still trending is about the death of Africa American man, named George Floyd who was killed few days ago said Minneapolis cops.

George Floyd was reported to have died after been strangled by a cops kneel which was on his neck, according to the video released it was seen that Floyd was in anguish pain and couldn’t breath as he said, but later gave up in the hospital.

So many people couldn’t take it, people all over the world condemned the act and it was gathered that the cops were fired, however things have not been better since then, as a protest took off in the street and things went flamy.

George Floyd however was claimed not to have died from the incident according to the autopsy released, however he was said to have some diseases, but many people didn’t believe the Report.

Just about that, there is now a trending picture showing if floyed was a p*rn star before he died, it seems funny but it has been trending.

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