Viral video shows Grandma Dragging a Cobra and Hurls it Away

What would you do if you come across a snake? Most people are generally scared and divert their path if they come across these slithering reptiles. 

More so, when its a cobra or a python snake! But a video of a grandma treating a snake it's a random piece of garbage has surfaced online. In the video, she is holding a cobra snake with her bare hands and drags it away. 

That's not all, she is seen heading angrily towards a relatively open area and hurls it away! You can only think of the word, "Badass" when you see the video.

It is unclear from where the video has been captured, but the location barely matters. The elderly woman seems to be too comfortable with these reptiles. While the snake can't be seen clearly, IFS Susanta Nanda who shared it on his Twitter, mentioned it is a cobra. He wrote, "Grandma that’s not the way to treat a COBRA."

 Although, the way she holds the snake by its tail and is pace walking, she has maintained a safe distance between the snake getting to her, to bite her. She goes to a relatively open space with some trees seen in the background and throws the snake, walking back casually! The video is going viral on Twitter.

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