Woman Wears Face Masks As Bikini to Protest Against COVID-19 Lockdown in Los Angeles

The coronavirus lockdown restrictions can get into our nerves, and it is understandable.

 We are confined to indoors for quite a few months, and limiting our outdoor activities, the ‘new normal’ has taken a significant toll on our mental health.

 But we do not have much choice. Many are protesting against the lockdown; some even came to the streets in the previous month like the ‘Operation Gridlock’ protest in Colorado against the stay-at-home order. However, this woman took her anti-lockdown protest to a whole new level, and netizens don’t seem to be impressed! An artist, she wore face masks as bikini, protesting outside Trader Joe’s against the COVID-19 lockdown in Los Angeles.

 As the pictures of her wearing face masks as bikini went viral, people online slammed her, calling her act as ‘illogical.

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