Martina Big who is extremely famous on Instagram for her humongous breasts has decided to donate her bras to make coronavirus masks. 

The model boasts of giant 32T boobs and has planned to donate her old bras during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her lingerie is so huge that it will be able to make quite a number of face masks for people in need. Her seamstresses will be making coronavirus face masks out of them. 

The woman is known to have gone under the knife several times to drastically change her appearance and becoming one of the people with the biggest boobs in the world. Martina says that her bras are huge enough to make at least 12 face masks each. "Each of the bras is made from good heavy cotton so it’s perfect material for a face mask. I am going to send them to my personal tailor, the one who makes my bras for me. I am working on making one at the moment as a test and when it is ready I am going to send it to my seamstress to make the others," Martina told Fabulous.

She further gave details saying, "I have a lot of bras in lots of different colours, from pink to black, so I will keep her busy." 

Martina has also gone melanin treatment to get a darker skin colour along with undergoing breast augmentation several times. She now plans to beat Maxi Mounds (cup size of 42J) to become the person with the world’s record for biggest boobs.

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