Four Singaporeans were arrested for allegedly trafficking drugs from Johor Bahru.

 This sounds like old news, but wait, how does international drug trafficking happen when both countries are still under Covid-19 lockdown?

This particular case of drug trafficking utilised a DRONE to transport the bag of “Ice” across the border. 

The suspicious flying drone was detected by the Singapore Police Force when it flew over Kranji Reservoir Park at about 5:45pm on 17 June.

According to the Straits Times , the flight data on one of the suspects’ phone showed that the drone was flown from Kranji to Johor Bahru, and then back to Kranji on the same day.

Although the investigation is still going on, these two suspects were charged yesterday (19 June) with trafficking Class A controlled drugs.

If you’re wondering where Kranji Reservoir Park is and how it can reach Johor, we’d say it’s pretty near. But still, we have no idea how the drone could fly such a long distance and not go out of the range.

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