Beginning on Saturday June 13, 2020, Twitter trend #ExposeBillGates gained steam after activist groups and non-partisan coalition of alternative media organizations reportedly called for a Global Day of Action to spill the beans on Microsoft Corporation’s co-founder Bill Gates ‘ alleged crimes against humanity and to control his agenda. By Sunday, Twitter broke like never before as netizens trended #ExposeBillGates by spilling out his alleged crimes on the Internet

By Sunday, over 178k Twitterati were tweeting about exposing Bill Gates. 

Taking to their respective handles on the micro-blogging site, while one user sarcastically wrote, “Hello Useless Eaters! As your unqualified, non-elected, Global Human Health Overlord, I like to flaunt my position of power to decide who gets to live and more importantly …. who gets to die.”#ExposeBillGates#Covid19 #SayNoToBillGates (sic)”, another tweeted, “We are being systematically poisoned by Bill Gates. #ExposeBillGates (sic)” and yet another lashed, “#ExposeBillGates Why is he not in prison for crimes against humanity and practicing medicine without a license (sic)

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