As Covid-19 cases are slowly declining, countries are implementing different ideas to help their people with social distancing efforts so that second or third waves can be avoided.

Some examples include plastic domes at restaurants and even pool noodle hats!
For certain bus companies, as showcased in these pictures, they’ve renovated and upgraded their buses from just seats to legitimate rooms! As according to Siakap Keli , these buses are apparently from Myanmar.

These rooms definitely reminds us of cabins on European trains or flights!
Buses have been known to carry quite a number of passengers in small spaces, which is why it is understandable to take such precautionary methods to ensure that no further infections can spread through buses.

Some other companies are also using plastic tarps as a way to divide passengers from each other.

Considering how quickly Covid-19 spread and the number of lives lost to it, it’s only fair that we fully implement some of the new norms into our lifestyles.

This could very well include minimising the amount of passengers on buses during a trip and building these social distancing pods and dividers onto buses.

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