Fishermen discovered 3000-Year-Old Horn of Auroch in UK

significant found has been made by fishermen in Wales. Members of the Black Rock Lave Net Heritage Fishery were casually walking on the flats of the Severn Estuary in the United Kingdom, after wild storms had stirred up the sea bottom. There, they uncovered a horn, while exploring on the sand flats.

 The horn is said to be from an Auroch, a large species of wild cattle that has been extinct in the UK for at least, 3,000 years. Uploading a video of the search on Facebook, they show the horn, as long as a human arm, been uncovered from the sand. Their finding is of historical significance.
MAGNIFICENT LOW TIDE FIND for Black lave net fishermen ! Yesterday, whilst walking our Severn estuary lave net fishing grounds they stumbled on this........... The horn of a AUROCH ! 

These have been extinct in the UK for over 3000 years.......... Probally the most significant and impresive "find" we have ever made!” the video was captioned, as it was shared on their official Facebook page. In the clip, the fishermen can be heard discussing that they have walked the same grounds many times, but have never come across anything so magnificent.


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