This is probably what all fish collectors think of their trophy fishes. Imagine the horror when one of your decorative fishes gets fried up and eaten for lunch by a family member?

That’s exactly what happened to a man named Bayu in Central Java, Indonesia. Bayu shared his story with an Indonesian viral news account on Instagram on 13th June. 

He says: “I bought this four-year-old fish for 55k  and it had accompanied me for two years. However, I brought it home because my aquarium has become too small and I wanted the best for it (the fish).”

Bayu said that as time goes by, his father did not take care of his fish. The Arowana’s normal diet is crickets and centipedes but his father only fed it lizards. The Arowana’s health deteriorated and it developed an eye condition. Bayu had to send the fish for surgery so that its vision will return.

One day, Bayu’s younger sibling sent him pictures of his father frying the fish. The moment he saw those pictures he was really upset but he has since accepted his beloved fish’s death. He says that he is trying not to think about it.
“Only my father ate the fish and whenever I think about it, I want to throw up.”

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