‘My boyfriend asked me to wear face mask before he sleeps with me because of Coronavirus – Lady reveals

A lady said during the COVID-19 lockdown, she started talking to a guy she so much liked. She explained that she had wanted to meet with this particular guy but it didn’t work.

With time, they got along and she was invited by the dude to his house for a chit-chat.

According to her, she was shocked when the guy started treating her like a COVID-19 patient. She said the guy was very much cautious of all the COVID-19 safety measures and even asked her to bath, sanitize before they have sex.

Shockingly, the yet-to-be-known single girl said she was ordered by the guy to put on her face mask before they start with their match.

Throughout their sex-game, she explained that they did not kiss and right after the 7 minutes match ended, the guy rushed to the shower to bath and sanitize his whole body.

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