Pregnant Cow’s Jaw Blown Off After Eating food with Firecrackers

Just a few days after a pregnant elephant died for eating pineapple filled with crackers, another horrific story surfaced on the internet. It is about a pregnant cow in Himachal Pradesh who was fed food mixed with explosives. 

The animal was severely injured as the crackers blow off her jaw while grazing. It triggered nation-wide outrage. Netizens are in shock to see the increasing rate of animal brutality in our country. 

Soon, #JusticeForNandini began to trend on Twitter, as enraged Twitterati demand the speedy investigation on the matter. Reactions are everywhere on the social media platform. 

With the horrifying stories making the headlines, people are sad, angry, and in despair, if humanity does not exist anymore.

According to media reports, the alleged repeat of the highly condemned killing of the pregnant elephant in Kerala, a senior police officer reported that the cow in Himachal Pradesh was fed firecrackers in the wheat dough.

 The alleged incident took place on May 26 in Jhandutta area of Bilaspur district. 

The cow’s owner, Gurdayal Singh, upload a video of the injured bovine on social media that soon went viral. He suspects that one of his neighbours is behind the cruel act.

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