A teenage soccer player in Mexico allegedly murdered by police scored the final goal at his own funeral Friday … and the video of it will bring you to tears.
The powerful scene all went down in Oaxaca … where teammates decided to honor their fallen 16-year-old friend by setting him up for one last shot attempt.

Check out the clip, the boys positioned his casket so they could redirect a soccer ball off of it … and when the ball slid past the keeper into the makeshift goal — things got emotional.

All of his teammates surrounded the casket, hugged it and sobbed uncontrollably.

Sports reporter Guillermo Schutz posted the vid to social media … captioning it in Spanish, “In Oaxaca, this is how they bid Alexander a final goodbye, the 16-year-old teen murdered by municipal police. His friends honor him with one last goal. We’re all crying.”

The footage was so touching … even former UCLA hoops star Lorenzo Mata had to share it on Twitter.
Powerful stuff.

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